Monday, 23 October 2017

Be Safe During Jounen Kwéyòl Celebrations With Fire Gone! .

Under the direction of the Folk Research Centre (FRC), St. Lucia’s biggest cultural festival, Jounen Kwéyòl, celebrates its 33rd Anniversary on Sunday October 29th this year.

Jounen Kwéyòl aims to make the St. Lucian society aware of the strength and value of the Kwéyòl heritage and to assist in the understanding, preservation and development of its rich cultural resources - a mix of creole (Kwéyòl) food, music, games and folklore come together to give this festival a unique flavor.

As a vendor, have you ever considered a fire breaking out in your booth? If you haven’t, welcome to the real world.
                                  Fire Gone Fire Extinguisher at Work
The idiom “Precaution is better than cure” by Desiderius Erasmus should never be taken lightly when one looks at the commotion which is likely to occur if an uncontrollable fire  occurs at a Jounen Kweyol festival at one of the venues.

Being safe from fires at such a festival where fires are lit almost anywhere must be of high priority for the vendors and by extension the Fire Authorities - an oil fire could quickly engulf a booth in an instant hence forth causing chaos and pandemonium.

RCIP Ltd introduces Fire Gone to the rescue! The Fire Gone Fire Extinguisher is a piece of equipment everyone should possess. This small aerosol could be the difference between life and death.

According to the St Lucia Fire Service cooking is the major cause of fire in the home, at events etc. Yet how many people would say they would have on hand, an equipment to fight fire with, if this situation arose.

The Fire Gone Fire Extinguisher delivers a strong targeted stream that goes right to the source of the fire coating it with firefighting foam.

The Extinguisher can be used on most electric, grease, fabric and wood fires.
So simple to use! Just remove the tab, aim and pull the trigger.

Holding the can 3 to 4 feet from the fire, spray across the base of the flames using gentle sweeping motions.

The contents of each can last about 17 seconds which should be more than enough time to put out the fire.

Whether you are at home, in your car, on your boat or at Jounen Kwéyòl, stay safe with Fire Gone Fire Extinguisher.

If you are looking for an alternative which is rechargeable, shop the -A:10-B:C Heavy Duty Rechargeable Fire Extinguisher.This Heavy Duty Rechargeable Fire Extinguisher is ideal for meeting minimum fire extinguisher codes. This compact extinguisher can fight wood; fabric; paper; flammable liquid and electrical fires. The unit is rechargeable by certified professionals. 

Shop our Fire Extinguishers and be safe this Jounen Kwéyòl.

The four host communities for Jounen Kwéyòl 2017 are: Babonneau : in the North, Vieux-Fort : in the South, La Ressource, Dennery : in the East, and Marigot : in the West.

RG Group of Companies extends Bon Fete Kwéyòl to our nationals and visitors alike.

For more information, call 450 7247 to speak to one of our Customer Sales Representative.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Makita and Rayneau - Bringing Efficiency to the Worksite!

Makita® is a worldwide manufacturer of industrial quality power tools and outdoor power equipment, and offers a wide range of industrial accessories. Makita utilizes leading-edge technology and innovation to engineer tools that are more compact with less weight yet deliver industrial power and results.

“Makita is an engineering company focused on new innovation that helps contractors solve problems and work more efficiently,” says Brent Withey, director of brand marketing, Makita USA.

Last year marked 100 years since Makita has been in business. Makita was founded in 1915 as an electric motor sales and repair company. Over the half century since, Makita has worked to build a steady position as a manufacturer of portable power tools and, today, continues its quest forward to provide products and services that are beneficial to all types of customers engaged in housing construction. Makita's history also parallels that of the evolution of power tools and, over the course of its history, Makita has worked to dovetail its products to its customers' developing needs.

Rayneau Construction & Industrial Products Ltd over the past  four years or more is proud to be associated with Makita in bringing to its customers a wide range of top of the line power tools, which will no doubt play a significant role in their line of work. With the new thrust in construction which is expected to come on stream soon, we profit the opportunity to encourage our tradesmen to visit or call our store at 450 7247 and ask to talk to Kendal to arrange for sample tests of our Makita products.
                                             Makita 18v Multi-Tool Kit
Makita's extensive line of cordless lithium-ion tools includes 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion and 12V max CXT™ Lithium-Ion. Other best-in-class products include rotary and demolition hammers and saws equipped with Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT®), MM4® 4-Stroke engine power equipment, Super Joint System - SJS® grinders, miter saws engineered with Deep and Exact Cutting Technology (D  XT®), Impact GOLD®, the New Gold Standard in Impact Driving, and more.

Makita Tools
Our Power Tools Department provides our customers with a wide range of Makita products. Customers could not ask for more than to have the expertise of Customer Service Representative, Kendel; apart from knowing every “nook and cranny” of this department, has been tested and proven to be the expert when it comes to Makita tools. You can take that to the bank! 

We always keep our customers in mind in our aim to improve residential or commercial construction and living environments around the island as a comprehensive supplier of Makita products and services. We are continuing our total commitment to becoming a local and regional enterprise that contributes to the betterment of society

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

5 Ways to Give Your Entryway a Makeover for the Festive Season

The entryway is one of the most important areas of a home. Remodeling the entryway to your home can boost value. After all, this is the first stop for many guests and can break or make your curb appeal. Planning for your entryway remodel can consist of more tasks than you think. Whether you are simply updating an old look or getting a home ready for the festive season, here are 5 affordable ways you can give your entryway an quick makeover.

Paint up
A new coat of glossy bold, cheerful paint can do wonders for a front door and trim. Even if you decide to forgo a bold color, a good paint job can make an entrance look brand new. Take caution in going too bold and avoid using colors that do not mix in well with the surroundings. This is the first thing you’ll see when you come home every day, so make sure you take the time and the necessary steps to create a clean finish that will last a long time.

Suggestion: Ask for Michael in our Paint Department for great choices in paint.

New Hardware
There are few things worse than broken or worn out hardware on doors, especially the entryway. Fortunately, there are plenty of options at your disposal when upgrading front door latches, including traditional, keypad, and biometric lock sets. Use this as an opportunity to not only upgrade the hardware to something newer and more advanced, but also the style. You could choose something traditional or go with more of an accent piece.

Suggestion: Speak to Johnathan in our Hardware Department

Install New Glass
Adding or changing out the glass in your front door is another great way to breathe new life into the space. A project like this isn’t very difficult and can be done with your existing front door. Remember that your front door is the entryway into your home and the first thing guests will see when they visit. Choose something that really makes your house feel like home.

Updating Sidelights
Sidelights, or vertical windows on the side of an entryway door, can give a unique touch to the look of a house. Not only does it add another layer of design to the front door, but it also allows more light inside. Unfortunately, if your home doesn’t already have one, it could be difficult to construct space for them, but if you do have some already in place, it can be relatively easy to upgrade to a new style.
Get creative and find a fun design or keep your privacy with frosted glass.

Enhance Porch Lighting
Create a polished and sophisticated entry by choosing the same color or metal finish for exterior elements such as entrance hardware, door knockers, and porch lights. You might even consider a smart light system that automatically turns on during scheduled times and can be controlled by your smartphone.  You can even buy a smart lightbulb to upgrade your existing fixture.

Suggestion: Speak with Steva in Electrical Department for exterior products that can enhance your home's style

Upgrade Landscaping
Placing containers of flowers near the front entry is an easy and inexpensive way to add a dose of eye-catching color. Go bold with color to see the containers from the street.Plants can add vibrant colors to the front of a home and are an excellent way to take up decorative space. Consider installing hanging plants to draw the attention upwards or large wood planters for a more rustic appearance 

Suggestion: Talk to Shakym in Lawn and Garden Department

Get your home festive-ready with our suggestions. Visit us or call 450-7247 to talk to one of our CSR's who will be more than happy to give you more details

Friday, 13 October 2017

Stop Thieves and Joy Riders From Taking Your Vehicle!

In this day and age your vehicle’s safety and security is just as important as your home, as it is just as valuable, making it a prime targeted for burglary. In St Lucia today it has become a norm to hear radio announcers calling on the public to assist in locating stolen vehicles. It has become so frequent now that an announcer during his early morning patois program announces reported auto thefts as   “Un moon pwatay un loto sans permesion.”  (Translated to English, “Someone burrowed a vehicle without permission.”)
A burglar at work

Many of the latest car thefts allegedly take place with no forced entry. The crime authorities believe that many of these auto thefts are sometimes due to the fault of the owners. Many times the owners leave their vehicles in the custody of not too trustworthy persons for a check-up, clean-up or carwash. It is during these times that keys are duplicated. Ladies, stop this practice now!

Thieves can jimmy a lock and hot wire your car, but if they can’t steer, their attempted car-jacking will be thwarted. Whether you have a fancy car alarm system or not, an anti-theft steering wheel lock can serve as the last line of defense in an attempted vehicle theft. From plastic to steel models, you can find a steering wheel lock in your price point that will add a lot of car security to your life.

The Pedal to Steering Wheel Lock
What’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to protect your vehicle? A steering wheel lock can be a huge deterrent. Employ this simple safety and security precaution to protect your vehicle from theft. This vehicle anti-theft device comes in red and is highly visible to help deter break-in attempts and it is easy to install. 

A Pedal-to-Wheel Lock
It is designed to fit most cars, vans, small trucks and SUVs, giving you one solution to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. Arm yourself and your vehicle with The Club Pedal-to-Wheel Lock. 

This model has a “S” shape and connects to the clutch or brake pedal for reinforcement. There’s no way a thief would be able to drive your car away while this device is intact. It would be hard for them to disable it too; The Pedal to Steering Wheel Lock is made out of steel and coated in a vibrant plastic for looks and feel.  By using a Club, you are explicitly telling a potential thief that your car will be hard to steal. Place your order with us.
Car Alarm Being Turned On/Off

Sound Alarm System
Most new cars come with an immobilizer system, which prevent cars from being driven without the correct key. Some new cars are also equipped with GPS devices which pinpoint where the stolen car is.
But even with the latest security features that come standard, highly rated car alarm companies say there are benefits to owning a car alarm system.

Therefore installing a car alarm system is of paramount importance for many people and comes with many benefits which consist of the following:

  • Although a car alarm is a very simple device, it sends out a clear message to thieves that there is a very high chance of someone noticing/being alerted of their activities if they try to break in.
  • In terms of protecting your personal valuables, it is a very cost effective measure to safeguard the car and its contents.
  • Thieves will always choose an easier target and by installing a car alarm system, you are reducing the chance of your vehicle becoming a target.
What we would like to know: do you use any anti-theft security system on your vehicle? What are your experiences?

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Construction and Industrial Equipment Ltd - Providing Quality Products and Services in the South

Rayneau’s Concrete Plant in the South of the island has earned a reputation as the "top plant" because of the quality of the product, the consistency of its concrete mixes, the reliability to produce and deliver to the customer on time regardless of location and most of all the follow-up after delivery. Our customer base has stretched from as far as Soufriere in the South-West to Mon Repos on the East Coast. Home owners, small and big contractors, are the markets that are mostly targeted by this plant.

The plant, situated at Beanefield, Vieux Fort, about 100 metres from the airport travelling to Castries is manned by a team of twelve persons - Plant Supervisor Mr George Alexander, Sales Clerk Ms Kimberly Smith, and Plant Operator Mr Rohan Emmanuel. The other personnel form a fleet of operators and drivers. Frequent visits by high officials from the Head Office are a norm at the plant.
Our top products are concrete mixes,(The plant which has a capacity to produce concrete at 150 cu.m per hour, is fully automated and can produce varying strengths: from 3000 psi to 4000 psi) sea sand, raw and washed pumice, aggregates of various sizes – ½”, ¼” and ¾”, as well as mixed aggregates. Our Concrete blocks - 4,6 and 8” are rated by our customers as the best plus our cement, "Argos" is the cheapest in the south at only $21.95 per bag.
Our services in the South, apart from offering top quality products to our customers and clients, also encompass, rentals of heavy equipment, contractor financing, delivery of concrete mixes, repairs or renovations of residential and commercial, places, laying pavers and much more. 

The plant’s working hours are Mon - Fri: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, on Saturdays: 8:00am - 12:00pm. Visit us today or call 450 3041 for more information.
We spoke to a few customers who came in to shop at our Southern plant and asked them a variety of questions to get their responses and their take on our operations. Here are the questions put to them and their responses.

Kimberly Smith our CSR at the plant caught with Marcel Mederick during a sales transaction. She was able to have a one-on-one with the customer.
Marcel Mederick who lives at Aupicon, Vieux fort, is a regular customer and according to Kimberly he shops every day for cement.

CSR: Did you enjoy shopping with us, and what do you like best shopping here?
Marcel - Aupicon, Vieux Fort: Yes I did, because of the friendliness and service of staff; they are always willing to assist. They were able to provide me with the necessary information required.

When asked about the quality of our products, Marcel replied, “The Company carries a very good and common brand of cement,[Argos] which I use to make my products (Ballisters).”

However since Marcel is into Ballistas production, he would like to see some changes in our products.

CSR: What would you like to change?
Marcel“I would like them to carry other building and construction materials e.g BRC and Steel."

Nigel Jameson, Project Supervisor, OJO Labs, Vieux Fort - Our CSR found out that Nigel chose to shop with us due to the proximity of his work site and the business. Nigel was very impressed with the service and conclude, “ Ms Smith is very friendly plus the transaction was performed quickly and accurately.” However he feels that the customer window needs adjusting.
CSR: What would you like to change?

Nigel: The Window where customers are being served is too small and too low. It needs to be bigger and higher
CSR: How did you enjoy your shopping experience?

Mciva Mesidore, Real Estate -Vieux Fort - The service is fast,efficient and there is no congestion. I think a delivery service is needed here to help the customers who have no transportation. Your materials especially the aggregates are of good quality. I see your business going places.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Why Work Harder - Work Smarter Using These 9 Tips.

The word productivity is often used in the workplace. It can describe the performance of individual workers, a department, or even an entire industry

Attempts to increase productivity by multi-tasking, working longer hours, and remaining constantly tied to technology  often backfires. The harder we work to get more done, the more likely we’ll feel frustrated by our lack of attention span and reduced performance. The solution to decreased productivity isn’t that we should try to work even longer hours. Instead, we can take steps to work smarter instead of harder and we’ll get the same job done in less time.

Working smarter is something that we all strive to achieve and most top inspirational sites and blogs have covered it in one way or another – here is a compilation of the best ideas for working smarter, not harder.

Limit your to-do list
One way to do this is by choosing 1–3 most important tasks. These are the big, tough tasks for your day that you really need to get done - The ones that will keep you in the office past finishing time or working after dinner if you don’t get through them. The rest of your to-do list can be filled up with minor tasks that you’d like to do, so long as you’ve prioritized 1–3 most important tasks. Make sure you work on these before you move on to anything minor and you’ll probably find you feel a whole lot more productive at the end of the day.

Make a “to don’t” list.
Prepare a list that contains all the things you shouldn’t waste your time on – useless tasks, unnecessary meetings, worthless phone calls, and so on. Then place it next to your “to do” list – and stick to it

Guard your calendar. 
Make sure your time is focused on your one or two top priorities. Ask yourself: “Is this how I want to be spending my time right now?” Remember: you are your calendar. So treat your calendar with respect.

Never say up front that you can beat a deadline.
 Just turn your work in early and look like a hero. Related advice (which is ancient but unassailable): Under-promise, over-deliver.

Work in chunks.
Instead of sitting down to complete an entire project, sit down to accomplish one goal element or work for a certain number of hours. Forcing yourself to complete the entirety of a project or complex task will stress you out and make you less productive. Instead, allow yourself to work in shorter “bursts”  to keep your mind fresh and reduce your anxiety. That way, you can work to the very best of your ability.

Prioritize your work
80 percent of your accomplishments come from 20 percent of your efforts. So think strategically: What 20 percent of your work is the most valuable—to you and to your employer? Once you’ve identified it, try to focus the lion’s share of your time and energy in that direction. Learn to say no to nonresidential demands. And don’t waste time perfecting every interoffice memo when you could spend the time more profitably on something else.

Schedule Concentration Time
Block out some time every day when you can’t be disturbed except in an emergency. Use that time to get the most important tasks of the day done. If someone stops by your desk and asks for a moment of your time,you can honestly and politely reply, No, Im in the middle of something right now, and I cant give you my full attention. Close the door to your office if you can.

Be Social at Work
Chitchat can be very important because it builds relationships and helps you stay plugged in to the office grapevine. Share a joke, anecdote or personal story while standing at the photocopier or waiting for a meeting to start. Schedule a coffee break with an office buddy. Also consider helping organize the company sales’ drive and annual activities.

Establish a closing ritual. 
Know when to stop working. Try to end each work day the same way, too. Straighten up your desk. Back up your computer. Make a list of what you need to do tomorrow. 
It does seem strange, but slowing down can actually speed up your productivity. Be more in the moment, but make sure to rest when you need it and you’ll certainly find that your productive time is even more productive.

At RG Group of Companies Ltd, we believe in working smarter, not harder and wish you the best in achieving that goal.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

15 Stanley Tools To Build a Tool Kit .

Every homeowner should have a good toolkit, but you do not need to buy a lavish kit all at once - you can assemble one. A well-equipped toolkit is essential for completing jobs around the home — everything from hanging a picture frame to putting together furniture or doing major home improvements.

A  kit of basic tools is useful for quick fixes and small household tasks. For the homeowner, seasoned DIYer or handyman, it is essential. If you need a starter set or just need to supplement your existing set, you've come to the right place. We have compiled our top 15 list of essential tools for the home kit. 

As a general rule it is best to invest in well-made items that will last a lifetime. You can easily go to a few hardware stores around the city and buy an entire 25-piece, Made in China, piece of crap tool set for $80. Fight the temptation. These chintzy tools will probably last you a few uses before they snap or break on you. Invest your money in quality, durable tools that will last a lifetime. If you have no clue about which brand to go for, Stanley tools are a pretty safe bet. They’re durable and tough, and their hand tools come with a lifetime warranty.

Our 15-piece general homeowner's toolbox set includes one toolbox, one 16-ounce hammer, one 25-foot tape rule, one utility knife, one level, one long nose and one slip joint pliers, one Phillips screwdriver, one standard tip screwdriver, one hand saw, one crescent wrench, one vise grip (locking) pliers, one square, one flashlight and duct tape.

Tool Breakdown:
Keeping your collection of drivers, screws, and bolts in an easy-to-haul toolbox keeps things organized and handy. The large-capacity plastic box has a single metal latch that closes securely. A removable tray is great for assorted fasteners.
25-Foot Tape Rule
The perfect size for any job around the house, this 25-foot tape features the Tru-Zero end hook for accurate measurements. Buy a 25-foot model with a blade lock. The blade should be at least 1 inch wide to keep it from collapsing when extended beyond a few feet.
16-Ounce Hammer
A 16-ounce smooth-faced claw hammer has a nice mix of heft and versatility for driving nails into walls to hang pictures, knocking together ready-to-assemble furniture, and building birdhouses. The curved claw is useful for pulling out the nails that inevitably get bent. This Stanley model has a fiberglass handle that's nearly unbreakable.

Utility Knife
You'll be reaching for this tool again and again to easily cut through cardboard boxes, packages and more. Spend a little more upfront for one with a comfortable rubber-covered handle and built-in blade storage. Then you're more likely to pop in a fresh blade rather than forcing a dull one, which isn't safe.

Don’t just trust your eyeballs when hanging a shelf or mounting a picture. Torpedo levels are compact enough to fit inside small toolboxes, and keep your artwork straight so it doesn’t look like your home is sinking. A must-have for hanging pictures, installing cabinets, or laying a patio.
Long Nose Pliers
Grab a pair for small and delicate tasks like repairing jewelry or gluing tiny pieces of a broken coffee mug. This tool is also helpful when you’re working in tight places such as the inside of a motorized toy or getting melted crayons out of the floor register ducts. The handle has a comfortable grip while using for bending, turning and cutting.
Slip Joint Pliers
With a comfortable grip, these 6-inch pliers offer two locking positions with a 1/2-inch jaw for grasping and turning.
Screwdriver Set
Flathead and Phillips -These two common screwdrivers will help you with a wide range of your fastening needs. The handles are ergonomically designed with a slip-resistant textured grip for a comfortable hold. The 4-inch bars are chrome vanadium to resist corrosion and feature a magnetic tip for a secure grip on fasteners.
Whether you're setting up tools or marking lines to cut, you'll need an accurate square. Popular types include the combination square and the speed square.
Cresent Wrench
Of all your tools, the cresent wrench will probably see the most action. It’s like having 50 wrenches in one. You need one to tighten and assemble all manner of swing sets and appliances as well as plumbing fixtures. The crescent wrench is an adjustable wrench with a sliding jaw that changes the width of the wrench. You can use the same tool on different size nuts and bolts.
Vise Grip Pliers
These adjustable pliers are useful as a hand-held vice or clamp. They lock firmly onto a workpiece, usually one of metal. Vise grip pliers come in handy when you need an extra hand but only have your own two mitts to work with. They are versatile tools that can be used as pliers, a pipe wrench, an adjustable wrench, wire cutters, a ratchet, or a clamp.
Even in this age of power tools, the traditional handsaw has many uses. It’s quiet, portable, easy to use, requires no electrical power, and can finish more than a few jobs the basic hand-held circular saw cannot. Less intimidating than a power saw and faster to set up, this handsaw is good for trimming lumber or molding stock because it cuts on the pull and push strokes.
You'll need a flashlight for your emergency kit anyway, but you could get a dedicated LED light, head lamp, or work lamp to make sure you're sawing/screwing/nailing or otherwise DIYing correctly in low or no light.

Other: Though not your standard tools, a well-outfit toolbox should also include: safety goggles, work gloves, rags, pencil, superglue, and, of course, duct tape and WD-40.

Looking for a different compilation in a tool kit check out our video at