Saturday, 16 June 2018

Rayneau - Your Last Lap Father's Day Shopping Store..

At Rayneau we think it would be grossly insensitive on our part if we did not take time off to recognize our customers and friends this Father's Day. Our customers are very important to us. They are the resource upon which the success of the business depends.

It’s just one more day to go for Father’s Day; Are you having trouble deciding on the perfect gift? One way to guarantee Dad gets the gift he wants this Father’s Day is to take him shopping with you at Rayneau. While at Rayneau he can make his own decision from the thousands of products we have in stock. And it’s simple – Dad can shop at our Vide Bouteille, Corinth or Monchy store by just walking in and talk to anyone of our customer sales representatives
                                            Father's Day Gift Ideas
A Father means so many understanding heart, a source of strength and support right from the start.

Come down to Rayneau today, and get that Perfect Gift for Father's Day and give your dad a 
gift that says as much about him as it says about you.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Rayneau’s Wild Card Wednesdays Spin 2 Win – Get Amazing Discount Coupons, Prizes and More with Spinning Chances

We all dream for the time when we get lucky and earn pots of gold. This cannot be possible, obviously. Nevertheless, we would appreciate it when we get lucky with something and get more than what we were expecting. 

Rayneau Construction and Industrial Products Ltd understands this and is excited to bring to you our Spin 2 Win promotion as part of our Wild Card Wednesdays,where you can get amazing discounts and prizes with a chance to spin the wheel of luck.

 Under the RCIP “Spin 2 Win” promotion, any customer who shops $100 and above will qualify to spin the wheel for a chance to win. Once the customer spins, the result is instant and it is confirmed by a Customer Sales Representative. 

There are numerous prizes to be won through the wheel of luck- 
   • Flash drives 
   • Rayneau keyrings 
   • Discount coupons or in worst cases 
   • A “try again” spin 

This offer which runs every Wednesday is for a limited period only commenced on 30th of May and ends on 26th of November 2018. 

 Special conditions that Apply: 
      1. After Spending $100 or more, a lucky customer has the chance to participate in the Spin To Win promotion. 
      2. After spinning the wheel, if customer wins a prize, he/she must sign on a prescribed sheet for that particular prize. 
      3. Discount wins will apply to the next purchase by the customer.
      4. Other wins are eligible for immediate pick-up whilst stocks last. 
      5. Maximum of two spins per customer in the case of two separate purchases on the particular Wednesday. 
      6. The “Try Again” allows the customer to spin the wheel for another spin opportunity that same time. 

 NB: • Special terms and Conditions will apply.

Shop with Rayneau for  our Wild Card Wednesdays, where you might just get lucky and WIN!

Monday, 4 June 2018

Rayneau Rentals Is Authorized Agent in 8 Caribbean States

It's official! Rayneau Rentals is now the authorized distributor/seller for all Hyundai Construction Equipment in 8 Caribbean States.

 A letter of intent signed on May 17, 2018 between Hyundai Construction Equipment Ltd at Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, 13591 and Rayneau Rentals at Vide Bouteille, St Lucia made Rayneau Rentals the sole authorized distributor to sell Hyundai Construction Equipment non-exclusively to St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Dominica, Montserrat, St Kitts/Nevis, St Marteen and Tortola.

Construction companies throughout the region can now liaise with  Mr Gajadhar/Rayneau Rentals to shop a wide range Hyundai construction equipment – Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Backhoe Loaders, Skid Steer Loaders, Rollers, etc., as well as attachments and parts supplied by the supplier.

We feel obliged to let you know that an operator, who takes pleasure in his work, does a better job. That is why at Rayneau Rentals we do everything we can to make that happen. With Hyundai Construction Equipment you will be able to merge operator's comfort, speed, precision and durability into a quality product. Hyundai HX and HL Series earth-moving equipment simply makes time fly, makes work a pleasure!

Wheel Loaders
Transporting a load over small to medium distances is the forte of wheel loaders. They also move easily between job sites on their own. View wheel loaders Here

Wheeled Excavators
The wheeled excavators of Hyundai have been designed for maximum versatility and with a high road speed. View Wheeled Excavators Here

Crawler Excavators
Available with many options, our crawler excavators are flexible and suited for a wide variety of applications. View Crawler Excavators Here


Hyundai forklifts; powerful, compact and easy to manoeuvre in narrow spaces. View Forklifts  Here
We can also supply Rollers of different capacity. For more details contact us at 1 758 712 4600/1 758 718 3253.

Friday, 1 June 2018

Hurricane Season Is Here, Are You Prepared If One Strikes?

It’s that time again… hurricane season in St Lucia and across the Caribbean! For many of us it is a time we’d prefer to dismiss. With predictions above normal, and twelve to fifteen storms in the latest forecast, it may be wiser to avoid complacency and prepare. 
Are you prepared if one strikes?

The 2017 season (which forecasters had also pegged as above average) proved devastating for the Caribbean – Dominica and Barbuda in particular. 

NOAA’s forecasters say this season, there is a 70 per cent likelihood of 10 to 16 named storms (winds of 39 mph or higher), of which 5 to 9 could become hurricanes (winds of 74 mph or higher), including 1 to 4 major hurricanes (category 3, 4 or 5; with winds of 111 mph or higher). An average hurricane season produces 12 named storms, of which 6 become hurricanes, including 3 major hurricanes

The Atlantic Hurricane season begins on June 1 (today) and lasts through Nov. 30, reaching its peak around the middle of September. 
St Lucians need to focus on preparing for increasingly ferocious storms rather than just reacting to them after they strike.

There are several things we can do to be prepared for intense weather systems. Perhaps an appropriate starting place is our homes and properties. After sacrificing large sums to own your preferred dwelling place it is advisable to go a step further and ensure your investment is adequately protected from harsh elements. Check video below:
                         Ways to help you prepare for a hurricane season
Hardware stores are often crowded when a storm or hurricane is officially announced, so to avoid the rush try to get your required hardware supplies in advance. Tarpaulins, batteries, flashlights, candles, lamps, battery-operated radios and plyboard are often foremost on most hurricane preparedness lists. (See graphic above) After making your purchase, it is recommended that the items be stored in a safe and accessible area so they can be easily reached should an emergency arise.

Check our slideshow on Hurricane preparedness supplies:
                                  Hurricane preparedness supplies
We encourage our customers and friends and by extension St Lucians to be mindful of developing or ongoing tropical systems during this time and take action if one is forecast to impact the island.

Rayneau Construction & Industrial Products Ltd locations at Corinth, Vide Bouteille and Monchy  are well stocked to meet  all your hurricane preparedness needs.  Visit us today or Call 450 7247 – Corinth, 450 7246 – Vide Bouteille or 450 7248 – Monchy. Our courteous and knowledgeable customer service representatives will be all too happy to assist you.  

Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Rayneau’s Massive Development Project For Cul-de-sac and Country

A front view of the Culdesac Development Project
For the past eighteen or more months, you must have been one of those curious commuters or pedestrian traversing the Cul-de-sac road near Kimakaze and wondering what is going on there – it’s the Cul-de-sac Development Project.  This  project,  sources close to Mr  Gajadhar  reveal, is a shopping/services complex, never seen before, that will uplift the Cul-de sac Valley, and by extension St Lucia. It promises to be the business Mecca on the island.

“…………the Cul-de-sac Development, which is a very big development, that I will go ahead and do immediately once we get from government the necessary concessions that they give to everybody else….” 

Dale Elliott, the host of "Untold Stories," was nearing the completion of the documentary "Unbridled Ambition” when he poised his penultimate question to Rayneau Gajadhar. “Ray, it's twenty eighteen, where do you go from here? Tell me of your next big project, for you and for St Lucia?" Rayneau was about to blow a few mind outta space with his revelation.

“I have a couple of big plans. One of them is the Cul-de-sac Development, which is a very big development, that I will go ahead and do immediately once we get from government the necessary concessions that they give to everybody else, and I think this is going to make a major change not for just Cul-de-sac but for St Lucia.” Rayneau divulged.

The Cul-de-sac Development Project will entail:
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Hotel
  • Convention centres
  • Offices
  • Storage facilities
  • Agricultural processes 
Get a sneak peek into the Culdesac Development Project below:
Dale shifted a bit with his final question when he asked Rayneau, “Perhaps there might be somebody out there with an idea, a dream, the drive, but no support, no financing, what would you say to that person?”

“The dream is bigger than their finance. The dream is bigger than what they can really do…..”

Rayneau in typical, composed and confident manner replied. “The dream is bigger than their finance. The dream is bigger than what they can really do, and I think one has to come back to dream to what I can afford.”

“When I started, I started to dream about only what I had at the time. And we must always start to where we can reach and then move on.”

He went on to speak about his modus operandi when he started in business. The CEO of RG Group of Companies said that when he started his only thought  he had at the time, was the level he thought  he could reach. After attaining this milestone, he said he’d moved on to another stage.  

In his own words, “When I started I started to dream about only what I had at the time. And we must always start to where we can reach and then move on. It is pointless wanting to build a shuttle to go into space to take people up for $200,000.00, when you can’t pay your passage to pay a plane to go to Trinidad.”

“The thinking has to be readjusted in an effort to move forward.”
                                                      The Interview
In his closing, Rayneau left this message which can serve the new entrepreneur well as well as all St Lucians. “The thinking has to be readjusted in an effort to move forward.”

Friday, 25 May 2018

Rayneau Speaks To The 0% Contractor Financing Package

“The heights that great mean reached were attained by early mornings and really, really late nights. His name has forever been mixed with sand, stone and cement. He started off pushing an ice cream cart, today his business is worth millions, and employs over 600 staff, and most of all he is one hundred percent St Lucian. He usually shies from the spotlight, but this episode of untold stories, Rayneau Gajadhar sits down to have a tell all interview from humble beginnings to massive accumulation of assets, to $46M of debt, to the explosion that rocked St Lucia and his business,  and most importantly he reveals the blueprint of progress for the RG Group of Companies.”

The above paragraph depicts the introduction Dale Elliott coined in a documentary entitled “Unbridled Ambition” from his popular series “Untold Stories” in which he delved into the business life of St Lucia’s #1 entrepreneur - none other than our very own Team Leader, Rayneau Gajadhar.

In this post we look at a section of this documentary which deals with the rationale behind Rayneau’s thinking when he introduced the “ 0% Contractor Financing Package” as he describes it in “Unbridled Ambition.”

Dale, posed the question. “… were getting into construction financing, not only for the government but for individual contractors. Tell me the rationale for that?” Rayneau in his typical passionate manner said that it was a hassle for small contractors to get financing for their projects at the time, and actually he did not want to bid against the small contractor so that is what actually prompted him to start the Contractor Financing Package.

Rayneau continued, "Any contractor……….who gets a contract from government, I will give them all the material, I will give them cash to pay their workers. I’d basically finance the job for them and I would wait until government pays to get my money and I give them the difference." (See Video below)
“That is unheard of Ray. It’s absolutely unheard of.” Dale remarked as he could not believe what he had just heard. “Some will say you are feeding the same sharks that will come back to bite you. What would you say? Dale pressed Ray.

“I feel good that I can help the small contractors, [and] I think they are very happy with the service they get from us.” Rayneau replied. He went on to express the view that many of these persons who get jobs are not really contractors and they really don’t know what to do. 

The Contractor’s Financing Package is still available from any of Rayneau Construction and Industrial Products Ltd branches at Corinth, Vide Bouteille and Monchy.  Come in or call 450 – 7247 and speak to one of our customer service representatives.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Culligan Water Filters - Making Your Life Better With Better Water!

“We want everyone to know about the many benefits of drinking filtered water and to share them with their loved ones.”
Your family’s safety is not merely your responsibility. It should be one of your greatest priorities in life. As you strive to protect your family, you should be aware that some of the major culprits behind many serious health risks are likely penetrating your home on a daily basis – through your water faucet.

Access to clean water is crucial for every family. We all need water for drinking, cooking, and for other purposes such as bathing, brushing, and washing. Clean water not only makes life more comfortable. It likewise preserves human health.

Tap water can’t always be trusted - It may seem clean in appearance but keep in mind that tap water travels through pipelines before it reaches your home. This water may pick up a lot of contaminants along the way it may contain bacteria, chlorine, fluorine compounds, lead, mercury, pesticides and waste particles.  Although the water will be disinfected and fortified along the process, you still can’t be guaranteed that it will be 100% safe.
Culligan Aqua Cleer Drinking Water Filter System
Without modern purification methods, drinking contaminated water can lead to illness and even death. A lot of products are being marketed as clean drinking water to the public these days.

Some of the most common bottled products you will see on the market include purified water, distilled water, and spring water. How do they differ from one another? Which of them is cleaner when pitted against each other - purified water vs spring water or distilled water vs spring water? What is the best bottled  water? So many question with  not enough answers!!!!

Chester Charles our Products Manager puts it best when he says, "....the same bottle of bottled water purchased is in fact tap water which passes through a filtration process…” [glorified water] 

While keeping hydrated is essential to your health, that bottled water in your bag or in the car may be doing more harm than good. When you drink water that is housed in a plastic bottle, you’re also drinking what the bottle is made of. Even water (as well as the acidic soda beverages) can leach particles from the bottles, especially if it has been exposed to heat (when left in a closed car) or stored for a longer amount of time.

Research has shown that BPA (a component often found in plastic) and other plastic materials, has contributed not only to breast cancer, but also testicular cancer and prostate cancer.

 Check out Chester for a few more important water tips and a superb product in our Video below:
"Common Elements Removed with Filtered Water
Arsenic: Tap water can contain dangerous levels of arsenic, a powerful carcinogenic, that has been linked to an increased risk of the development of several types of cancer.
Aluminum: Municipal water that is unfiltered can lead to an increased consumption of aluminum, a metal that has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease, hyperactivity, learning disabilities in children, skin problems, liver disease and more.
Disinfection Byproducts (DBPs): DBPs are harmful elements that result from disinfecting water with chlorine, a powerful carcinogenic.
Fluoride: While fluoride is commonly associated with improving oral health, it can actually cause a wide range of health problems such as a weakened immune system and cellular damage that accelerates aging." (Source: Benefits of filtered water)

If you don’t have a water filtration system currently installed in your home, we recommend the Culligan's Aqua-Cleer® Advanced Drinking Water Filter. (Available in-store) It features the most advanced level of filtration technology available. Simply put, it is a better, simpler, far more affordable way to alkalize, ionize and purify water.