Saturday, 25 November 2017

12 Reasons To Shop Rayneau This Christmas!

Credits: NBenjamin 
Tomorrow will be exactly 30 days away from Christmas, and if—like me—you haven’t even given a thought to Christmas shopping yet, you better put your shoes on.

The good news is that the Christmas hordes haven’t quite hit the shopping centres yet, so there’s still time to get in before everyone else decides it’s time for some last minute shopping.  And there’s no better place to spend a few dollars than smack bang at Rayneau Construction and Industrial Products Ltd.

Just as we offer you 12 Days of Christmas  Deals, here are 12 reasons why you should be Christmas shopping at Rayneau Construction and Industrial Products Ltd this festive season:

12. Hot deals: Check out our 12 days of Christmas Deals from December 5 - 16. We offer you 78 different deals to choose from - a different deal everyday. So keep coming back.  There are deals from every department.

11. Ideal Atmospherics:The social atmosphere at our store, defined in terms of the music played, the clientele, lighting, the decor and, most importantly, the retail service, is a projection of our store’s corporate image. We make our customers feel relaxed and at home.

10. Outstanding Customer Service: Our Customer Service Representatives (CSR's)  are famed for their award-winning customer service. They are good listeners, they can identify and anticipate needs, they make customers feel important and appreciated and they give more than expected.  You’ll love the personal attention you receive when you shop at Rayneau.

9. Trust, Integrity and HonestyWe deal openly and honestly with our customers, giving them clear and transparent information about our products and services on our website and by our esteemed and friendly Customer Service Representatives. 

8. Help Build CommunitiesYou,shopping at Rayneau, supports local schools, infrastructure and services. Without your support, we can’t help many of the local philanthropic agencies and individuals that come asking for assistance. With your support, we give back and help local causes, promote local entertainment and all of the special things that make Rayneau a unique and caring community.

7. Spacious Aisles:  Our spine layout is very spacious and allows for the unhindered movement of shoppers as they pass each other along the aisles. Our merchandise are placed in the best spots, and this has helped us design our customer flow, as well as the ambiance  within the store.

6. Navita Designs: This is the latest section to our store. If you're serious about decorations you're won't regret coming here. With a collection of memorable pieces you can bring a cheer to your home or office.

5. A Chance to Meet Santa: Drag out your best dorky Christmas outfit and head to  Rayneau to take part in the MEET SANTA EVENT. Set yourself and family up in front of our classic Christmas backdrop; snap a shot with SANTA and it’s yours to keep.  Come Meet Santa! Dress-up the kids, and take the whole family along. Lots of gifts, games and give-aways for everyone.

4. The 3 G’s: During December you can get lots of Gifts, take part in numerous Games and enjoy many Giveaways.

3. Amazing Discounts: We stock thousands of products, and a substantial proportion of our stock caters to the construction and industrial industry. During your shopping on specific days in December you can enjoy amazing discounts  of up to 30% off on your favourite products.

2. Daily Deals: We have in store for you great surprises this year - for a limited period we offer you a different deal everyday. From power tools to decorative hardware, you will find what you're looking for.

1. Safe and Spacious Parking: One feature that RCIP Ltd customers love is our spacious parking lot. The convenience of being able to enter and exit the lot with no hassle encourages customers to shop with us. What is even more important to our customers and friends is the fact that their vehicle is always in sight from within the mega store.

Make Rayneau Construction and Industrial Products Ltd your Christmas shopping destination this year. May this Christmas season bring you closer to all those that you treasure in your heart. Have a Merry Christmas!

Friday, 17 November 2017

Shop Over 70 Awesome Deals In December - A Different Deal Everyday!!!

Christmas is just a few weeks away, which means there’s plenty of time to score some great deals on all sorts of products, regardless of whether you managed to make the most of this year’s sales bonanzas. Rayneau Consruction and Industrial Products Ltd is apparently well aware of that, and the company kicks off a new sales event for the holiday season.

What kind of deals will you find here throughout our 12 Days of Christmas event? Just like Easter  and  Carnival, you'll find limited-time sales and specials from across Rayneau, including deals on  Paints, low prices on  lawn and garden supplies, electricals and lights, specials on power and hand tools, car accessories, discounts on plumbing, and decorative hardware, bathroom/kitchen supplies, building materials , and more. 

There's even something for the hardest-to-shop-for people on your list, like your office Secret Santa pick.
                                    12 Days of Christmas_Meet Santa

Welcome to 12 Days of Christmas  Deals at Rayneau Construction and Industrial Products Ltd! The 12 Days of Christmas  Deals and Meet Santa event starts on December 5th; on the December 16th it’s the grand finale of the event which means you get a chance to meet with Santa - There will be lots of gifts, games and giveaways for everyone. Bring the whole family down to get your picture taken with SANTA.

This holiday season, we're offering you a discount on a different collection of items every day for 12 days! This sale is perfect for giving the gift of Rayneau to those you love, or shopping for yourself. The sale changes every day, so be sure to check back! Details below for the first six days. Shop (and gift) with Pride!

Day 1 (Dec 5) - POWER TOOLS - 30% OFF

  •          Makita Power Saw -30% OFF
Day 2   (Dec 6) – TOOL SETS - UP TO 0%

  •          Laser level -25% OFF
  •          Bosch Welder-Generator -30% OFF
Day 3 (Dec 7) - HAND TOOLS - UP TO 30% OFF

  •          Tool Chest -20% OFF
  •          Socket Set -20% OFF
  •          Stanley Tool Kit -20% OFF
Day 4 (Dec 8) - LAWN & GARDEN - UP TO 25% OFF

  •          Garden Hose -20% OFF
  •          Flower Pot - 20% OFF
  •          Poulan Gas Blower -15% OFFF
  •          Patio Solar Light -25% OFF
Day 5 (Dec 9) – WELDING - UP TO 25% OFF

  •          Welding Plant -25% OFF
  •          Electrodes 6011 1/8 -10% OFF
  •          Harris Cutting Torch-25% OFF
  •          Propane Tank-10% OFF
  •          MIG Wire-15% OFF
Day 6 (Dec 10)  – ELECTRICALS - UP TO 25% OFF

  •          Hanging Chandelier-25% OFF
  •          LED Panel Light-15% OFF
  •          Wall Scone -15% OFF
  •          LED Bulbs- 10% OFF
  •          Solar Flood Light-20% OFF
  •          Work-man’s Light-20% OFF
Special Terms and Conditions will apply. 

Happy 12 Days of Christmas Deals Shopping. Make it a date with Santa. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!!

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Decorate This Festive Season With Navita's Designs Christmas Collections

Have yourself a merry Rayneau Christmas! Whether you're in need of Christmas decor or looking for a little inspiration, Navita Designs Christmas Collections has all of the Christmas home and office decor you need to make your holiday merry and bright. Find your next Christmas decorating favorites right here at Rayneau Construction and Industrial Products Ltd!

Navita Jarbandon, the top lady at RCIP Ltd, has been wrestling with this concept of decorations in her head for sometime now. Earlier this year she  remarked,"......look at the decoration of the store..... It also gave me an opportunity to do what I wanted to do which was decorating.  So I still got it, not being asked to do it, but I got the opportunity to do it and developed it into something much greater than I thought, because now I am bringing in products to sell." 

Here we are almost one year later Introducing  her dream - "Navita Designs Christmas Collections." 

With the memorable pieces from the Navita designs you can set the scene this Christmas by providing holiday cheer to your home or office with a wide range of Christmas décor. Add a twist of elegance, sophistication and a drop of pizzazz to the traditional décor. 

                                    Navita Designs  Collections - mp4
In stock now:-
  •   Christmas trees up to 3 ft
  •   Wreath and Wreath rings
  •   Figurines – penguins, elves, snowman,  up to 4ft
  •   Reindeers up to 5ft
  •   Standing Santa Claus up to 3 ft
Also in stock from the Navita Designs Christmas Collections are:

  •   Variety of waterproof lights
  •   Gift wrapping essentials
  •   Ribbons – 1.5 – 3.5 inches
  •   Tree toppers
  •   Lanterns
  •   Floral picks
  •   Glow candles
  •  Ornaments  
Also available are glue guns and glue stick, staple guns, and adhesive spray.

Come visit and shop Navita Designs Christmas Collections at Rayneau Construction and Industrial Products Ltd.


Sunday, 5 November 2017

5 Ways to Breathe New Life Into Your Home This Festive Season!

Merry Christmas! Yes, just in case it’s crept up on you, Christmas 2017 is only 50 days away and its  time to get started on your Christmas shopping plans.
However, in between frantically buying presents and ensuring your fridge is well stocked; it can be easy to neglect your home during the festive period. If you are entertaining family and friends or simply want to make the most of your living space, home improvements can breathe new life into a property and ultimately make everyone happy.

So whatever you're thinking of doing, RCIP Ltd has selected five home improvement ideas to freshen up your surroundings and ensure your house looks its best for the holiday season and beyond.
Transform your kitchen: 
Painting your kitchen cabinets is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to create a new look. With a cream background, it’s easy to give your kitchen a fresh feel by choosing from the latest colours available OR wallpaper is a great way to add colour and vibrancy to an old kitchen. You can either cover the entire wall, or create an feature wall for a cheaper but equally stunning look. Make sure you choose wallpaper that is specially designed for the kitchen so it is heat and steam resistant.
Liven up your living room:
Try placing a large mirror on a bare, boring wall. Choose an interesting frame or decorate a piece of mirror with cording or braid. If you have an old frame, consider painting it a bright color. The mirror will reflect the color from around the room and add light to the space OR you will find that you can add a real punch of color by painting just one wall of your living room. This will really change the focal point of the living room without getting into a major decorating project. Any change in color will add interest and splash!
Upgrade your bathroom:
Updating your faucet with a new low-flow model is a relatively inexpensive way to cut water consumption while adding a refreshed look to your sink area. And since it’s one of the most commonly used items, a new faucet is a great way to display your personal style. 
Showerheads and hand showers add a nice touch to your overall bathroom design while making your showering experience more enjoyable. Replacing a showerhead can be a quick and inexpensive project.
Hand showers can be used as a fixed shower or hand-held for maximum versatility. Drill-less models provide easy installation.
Spruce up your patio porch or yard:
Spruce up your space and green it with some of your favorite potted plants. You can fit several varieties of plant, of different heights, in each planter to maximize the “wow” factor, and make the most of their space at the same time. You can also use hanging planters, which trail down and form a sort of green curtain that’s lovely too. If space is really tight, consider a vine like a perennial rose or an evergreen ivy that can climb right up a wall. These spread quickly, add a dramatic, lush look, and are easy to grow, all at once.
Give the entryway a makeover:
Sidelights, or vertical windows on the side of an entryway door, can give a unique touch to the look of a house. Not only does it add another layer of design to the front door, but it also allows more light inside. Unfortunately, if your home doesn’t already have one, it could be difficult to construct space for them, but if you do have some already in place, it can be relatively easy to upgrade to a new style.
Get creative and find a fun design or keep your privacy with frosted glass.

Happy Christmas Shopping!  

Friday, 3 November 2017

With 50% Off Flower Seeds Make Your Yard the Talk of the Block

A neighbour who has a well-kept flower garden says she started her’s from seeds and there are  many advantages for doing so. “Buying these plants at your local nursery will probably set you back at least $50, whereas a packet of seeds will run you about $4. That's an extra $46 to spend on some other gardening essentials!  Another reason I start annuals from seeds is that even the best garden centers don't offer some of the most worthy garden annuals.” She proudly boasts.

She continues, “Many annuals will seed themselves. All you have to do is leave the flowers on the plants at the end of the season. They will drop seed and magically, the seeds will weave themselves throughout the garden. Soon your flower garden will be just like this.”

Shop your flower seeds today at RCIP Ltd and get 50% off every packet 

Here are beautiful additions you can add to your your garden with seeds and fill your landscape with bright colors year after year:

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Make a Statement This Christmas With Rayneau Pavers.

Santa is on his way, so you’ve finally decided to construct a walkway on your property to welcome him. Deciding what materials to use presents you with a few options—one of them being brick pavers. Since you want something that’s durable, accessible, and easy to work with (and, of course, something that's aesthetically pleasing) Rayneau’s brick pavers are the perfect choice. Learn a little about how our pavers are made and why you should use them.

According to the RG Quarry plant supervisor Mr Cecil Smith, “The pavers are made from a mixture of quarry dust, P-gravel and cement in the ratio of 2:2:1 which is run through a mixer and then sent to the block machine. There, the pavers are molded and sent to dry in the curing chamber.  Curing takes approximately 48 hrs.”
Rayneau Pavers making a statement on Corinth Main Rd.
Rayneau pavers come in three colours – red, yellow and black. When asked how are the colors added to the pavers,  Mr Smith says that the colouring pigment is added to white sand cement. “Colour is added while the paver is in the block machine after it has been molded,” he says.

Whether you’re creating a charming walkway or an elegant patio, it’s easy to incorporate Rayneau pavers as an addition to your yard or landscaping. They are always attractive and add curb appeal.

The benefits listed below are some of the reasons as to why Rayneau pavers are a popular choice among homeowners and landscape contractors  islandwide.

1.They are very affordable and would suit any budget

2.They retain their color, even after years of wear and tear.

3.They stand up to the test of time.

4.They are weather and slip resistant (very important factor for safety)

5.They require very low maintenance.

6.They create a classic style in your landscape

Shop with us today and make that statement for the festive season with Rayneau pavers.