Sunday, 31 December 2017

RG Group Extends Happy New Year To Customers and Clients

During the Holiday Season more than ever, our thoughts 

turn gratefully to those who have made our progress 

possible. And in this spirit, Management and Staff of RG 

Group of Companies sincerely say Thank You and Best 

Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

With 2017 winding down and 2018 right around the corner, 

we wanted to say thank you for doing business with us and 

we applaud your continued support in the future

Sunday, 24 December 2017

6 Greatest Gifts To Give at Christmas !

Christmas Is More About Giving Than Receiving.

It is better to give than receive. We hear it all the time - especially this time of year. But sometimes I wonder if we really believe it.

We say the phrase as if the generalization is a forgone conclusion. We print it on bumper stickers and billboards. We teach it to our children. And we mutter it under our breath when circumstances don’t go as expected.

But in reality, the axiom is difficult to live out.

We live in a world that seeks personal gain, even encourages it. And as a result, we want to make sure the things we receive are equal to the gifts that we give especially during Christmas.

Christmas is a celebration of love and joy and peace. These are the greatest gifts we can ever give. But they are often the most difficult—especially if we have not received them from others.

We dig in our heels. We decide we will offer forgiveness, but only if they make the first phone call. We will show love, but only after they sacrifice something. And we may respond in goodness, but only after they start showing some kindness to us first.

Suddenly, we fall into the same foolish trap believing it is better to receive than give.

But the themes of Christmas should not be kept to ourselves. They can only be experienced when given away.

       Love Christmas is a season of love—a celebration of sacrificing what we have to show appreciation to those who mean the most. And while expressing love to another may be the most beautiful thing we can ever do, it can also be one of the most difficult—especially when those who should love us the most withhold it. Love anyway. True love is not self-seeking. It keeps no record of wrongs. And demands nothing in return.

        Joy. This world never allows for perfect circumstances. And those who wait to find joy in them never will. It is unwise to base our happiness fully on the actions of others. But that doesn’t mean we can’t bring a little joy into the life of another by the things that we do and the words that we say. We can still be intentional about spreading joy wherever we go.

       Peace - Family and personal relationships can cause conflict, turmoil, and stress at any time, but the tensions are often heightened during the holidays. Offer the gift of peace this Christmas by taking the first step. One phone call or conversation may not make amends for years of hurt, but it is still the first step that needs to get taken by somebody.

        Hope - Hope is one of the greatest assets in the entire world. It is one of the greatest treasures we can ever find for ourselves. And it is one of the greatest gifts we can ever give to somebody else. See the good in others. Believe in their greatest potential. And encourage often.

        Reconciliation At its heart, Christmas is a story of reconciliation. A baby was born to offer forgiveness to those who need it most. In the same way, the holiday season creates opportunity to offer forgiveness and reconciliation to those who need it most in our lives. We can take the first step. Even before an apology has ever been uttered, we can lay the foundation for reconciliation that makes it possible.

        Goodwill - People may desire to harm us, but wishing pain and suffering upon them in response only compounds the hurt. Harboring resentment, ill will, and bitterness in our hearts allows their actions to control us indefinitely into the future. On the other hand, wishing goodwill upon those who hurt us frees our soul. And it allows us to move on to better things.

These are the themes of Christmas and we should grant them freely. The greatest gifts we can give during Christmas are the very things we most desire to receive.

Merry Christmas from the staff at RG Group of Companies Ltd.

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Team Leader's Christmas Message to Employees

Every year during the peak of the festive season CEO and Team Leader of RG Group of Companies Ltd takes time off his busy schedule to officially recognize the diligent work done by his employees throughout the year and wish them Happy Holidays.

This is the time of the year when Mr Gajadhar usually reflects on what has been achieved during the year both personally and by his company. 2017 he thinks, has been a challenging year for him and the Group and he feels very proud of what has been achieved and very appreciative of all the hard work put in by his team despite having to cope with a major loss this year. 

The team leader, saddened and in much grief, also reflected on the contributions of those employees who lost their lives during a tragedy at the RG Quarry – a very unfortunate incident that impacted the company. He urges all employees to keep these workers and their families in their thoughts during the holiday season. 

Mr Rayneau Gajadhar
In spite of a year that had its many challenges, Mr Rayneau Gajadhar remembers to say Merry Christmas.

"As we reflect on the past year, we are aware of those who have worked side by side with us to shape and grow our business.  What a pride it is for us to have the best workers, true professionals with a desire to excel and who dream of a better tomorrow for themselves and their loved one! With a very grateful heart, we say thank you for your dedication and warmest wishes for a happy holiday season. We couldn’t do it without you.

There is no doubt that our team is one of our greatest strengths as an organization, along with our culture. We talk a lot about “Creating Opportunities, Building Your Future” and we are all truly privileged to work in a job where we can make a difference in the lives of others every day. It is really important that we continually recognize and appreciate that it is indeed WE (as a collective) who make the greatest difference, and not any one individual. Our team and the culture we foster underpin all the good work that we do and the lives that we are able to help change.

As we reflect upon the achievements of this year and look forward to the challenges and opportunities that next year holds, I would like to thank the entire team for their hard work and commitment and to wish each of you and your families a safe and happy Christmas and a healthy and successful year ahead.

Christmas is a time of celebration, joy and togetherness and I certainly hope that these sentiments can be enjoyed by all families connected with The RG Group of Companies over this period.

I hope the New Year brings renewed hope, energy and success. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.”

Rayneau Gajadhar

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Highlights of Rayneau's "Meet Santa" 2017 - a Big Thank You!

The management and staff of Rayneau would like to thank customers, parents, and friends for attending its recent ‘Meet Santa’ event  -- the grand finale of its 2017 Christmas promotions. 

Only in its second year, the event was, once again, an incredible success, and we hope all participating enjoyed it as much as we did. On behalf of our team, thank you for spending the day with us.

It was great to have the opportunity to meet so many of you face to face and it was fantastic to see so many parents with their children in the same space, enjoying themselves. We hope you had the chance to meet Navita Jarbandon,the top lady at Rayneau, the individual customer sales representatives in each Department,the marketing team,Natasia Tallian, an executive in admin, as well as others who all worked tirelessly to make this event a success.

 “Meet Santa” once again proved to be a great success for Rayneau. Santa, amidst an exuberant fanfare of shouts and cheers made his entrance; with his weighty red bag of toys flung over his shoulder, he slowly descended the stairs leading from the administrative office to meet the guests, who were eager to to see the activites get underway. 

Team Rayneau wearing bright green jerseys were all set to get the ball rolling – the store’s interior décor was dashingly captivating creating the perfect ambiance for the day's planned activities. 
                                 Highlights from "Meet Santa" 2017
Throughout the day both adults and the children participated in our various events – games, toys distribution, photo-shoots with Santa, face painting, giveaways, karaoke singing and of course the serenading by team Rayneau was really something to talk about. It was a day which will be etched on the minds of all those who were present.

Once again, we would like to thank you for spending such an enjoyable day with the Rayneau team and we look forward to seeing you next year.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Thank You For Shopping Rayneau in 2017

With Christmas now upon us and the New Year looming, RCIP Ltd Team Leader/CEO, Rayneau  Gajadhar, recently paused to reflect on the year that has been and pass on his well wishes to RCIP's loyal and valued customers 

Mr. Rayneau Gajadhar
"As 2017 draws to a close, I would like to extend best wishes for the holiday season. We celebrate this time of year in many different ways, depending on our cultures, traditions and beliefs. I hope that for all of you, it is a time for relaxing with family and friends, reflecting on our many blessings, and finding ways to help those whose lives may be less blessed.

 As is usually the case at this time of the year, we all reflect on how quickly the year has passed and it is incredible to think that we will be celebrating Christmas in a few days, and in just a week after that, 2018 will have arrived.

I think it is fair to say 2017 has been a trying year for us and I thank you for your continued support during what I can probably say was the most challenging time for me and the company.  Nonetheless, it has also been a year that has seen plenty of hard work undertaken which of course makes us all look forward to enjoying the holiday season.

On behalf of the team at RCIP Ltd, please have a safe and of course, enjoyable festive season and we look forward to seeing you again in the New Year."

Rayneau Gajadhar



Monday, 11 December 2017

Spruce Up Your Home On National Day! Catch Our Day 8 Deal On Paints!

Diamond Brite Paints
Christmas is round the corner and you feel you have missed the boat getting the painting of the porch and living room done – don’t worry. It can still be done and without having to compromise on the quality and workmanship; Get your paints at up to 25% OFF prices on December 12, day 8 of our 12 days of Christmas_Meet Santa promotion, and what a better day to get your painting done than National Day, December 13.

A fresh coat of paint can rejuvenate the look of your home but at the same time, the very thought of getting the house repainted (especially if it’s been a while since it was last done) fills you with dread. However, with our deal on Dec 12 - Day 8 in our 12 days of Christmas Deals you can get all your paint, paint brushes and roller extensions at discounted prices which can make the overall experience more pleasant.

Majic Semi-Gloss Paints
Spruce up the ambience of your home with a little innovation to make it look young and beautiful again. Even if you do not wish to go for a complete makeover, you can plan little renovations in different parts of the house and give it that ultimate festive look.

Michael, our CSR in the Paint Department shared this advise, “By shopping our Diamond Brite/Majic Semi-Gloss paints you can choose to just paint a single wall in each room or even paint the living room in a different colour. Brighten up the dark corners of your room with a fresh new colour. You can either go with the festive reds, oranges, maroons, or go wild with your own palettes.”

December 12th Deal:
Day 8 – PAINTS - UP TO 20% OFF
Diamond Brite Paints-25% OFF
Majic Semi-Gloss-15% OFF
Paint Brush Set-20% OFF
Sika Anchor Fix Epoxy-20% OFF
Rust-oleum Spray Paint-20% OFF
Rust-oleum Paint-20% OFF
Anti-Skid Floor Paint-20% OFF
Roller Brush Handle Extension-10% OFF

So, what are you waiting for?  Come down to our store on December 12 for deals on Diamond Brite and Majic  paints and give your home a makeover joyful season, and let the festivities begin!

Sunday, 10 December 2017

6 Days Left To Meet Santa - 57 Deal Packages Still Up For Grabs!

From tomorrow Monday you are in for the final (6) six days of our 12 Days of Christmas _Meet Santa Deals - or did you miss out on the first six days.

Welcome to 12 Days of Christmas Deals at Rayneau Construction and Industrial Products Ltd! 

The final six days of 12 Days of Christmas Deals and Meet Santa event will be very exciting as there are only 57 item types left  in the last stretch of our deals package.

On December 16th, the last day of the event - it’s the grand finale - which means you get a chance to meet with Santa. There will be lots of gifts, games and giveaways for everyone. Bring the whole family down to get your picture taken with SANTA.

It's going to be hotter than last year. Browse the table below to see the items in the deal package for the last six days. Remember it’s a different deal every day.

Day 7 (Dec 11) – HARDWARE -  UP TO 25% OFF
  •        Cabinet Pulls -20% OFF
  •        Entry Combination Locks-25% OFF
  •        Bathroom Vanity-20% OFF
  •        By-pass Door -15% OFF
  •       Wooden Molding Assortment -25% OFF
  •      Medicine Cabinet-15% OFF
  •      Gate Hardware-20% OFF
Day 8 (Dec12) – PAINTS - UP TO 25% OFF
  •     Diamond Brite Paints-25% OFF
  •      Majic Semi-Gloss-15% OFF
  •      Paint Brush Set-20% OFF
  •      Sika Anchor Fix Epoxy-20% OFF
  •      Rust-oleum Spray Paint-20% OFF
  •      Rust-oleum Paint-20% OFF
  •      Anti-Skid Floor Paint-20% OFF
  •      Roller Brush Handle Extension-10% OFF
  •        Rockite 25lb-15% OFF
  •        Fence Barrier-15% OFF
  •        Eaves & valley-20% OFF
  •        Trowel-25% OFF 
  •        Bull Float-20% OFF
  •        Damtite Water-proofer-20% OFF
  •        Tying Wire Large-15% OFF
  •       Tile Cutter-25% OFF
  •        Blueskin flash-band-20% OFF
Day 10 (Dec14) – AUTOMOTIVE -  UP TO 25% OFF
  •       Car Wash-20% OFF
  •       WD40-15% OFF
  •       Hydraulic Bottle Jack-25% OFF
  •       Turtle Wax-15% OFF
  •       Chain Hoist-20% OFF
  •       Jumper cables-25% OFF
  •       Paint Spray Gun-20% OFF
  •       Tire Plug Kit-10% OFF
  •       Turtle Wax-15% OFF
  •       Purple Blast Degreaser-10% OFF
Day 11 (Dec15) - PLUMBING - UP TO 25% OFF
  •       Jet Pump-25% OFF
  •       Drain Sleeve-15% OFF
  •       Septic Tank Treatment-20% OFF
  •       Bathroom Faucet-20% OFF
  •       Water Filter-20% OFF
  •       Potable Water Filter-20% OFF
  •       Bath ware Set-20% OFF
  •       Water Pump Pressure Switch-25% OFF
  •       Shower Head-25% OFF
  •       Hand Shower Head-25% OFF
  •       Basin Faucet- 20% OFF
  •     Wall Rack Metal Shelf –20% OFF
  •      OTO Shoe Rack -15% OFF
  •      Ironing Caddy-7340631 -15% OFF
  •      Towel Bars-0592030-10% OFF
  •      Retractable Clothes LINE- 20% OFF
  •      Cushions- 15% OFF
  •      Latch Aookuabce-10% OFF
  •      Furniture Wall Strap-10% OFF
  •      Shower Org. Caddy- 15% OFF
  •      Hanger Bar-10% OFF
  •      Furniture Handle-15% OFF
  •      Draw Slide 24” -15% OFF                                 
                            Merry Christmas from RG Group of Companies

Thursday, 7 December 2017

7 Inspiring Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas from Navita Designs Christmas Tree Collection That Will Bring New Cheer into Your Home.

Christmas trees are the centerpiece of the home and the holiday season. A beautifully decorated Christmas tree will evoke memories of the holidays for years to come.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, many of us will be starting to think about buying and decorating a tree. ‘Tis the season to decorate and be merry, and no holiday décor theme would have that je ne sais quoi without a lively Christmas tree.

                          Navita Designs Christmas Tree Collection.mp4

At Rayneau Construction and Industrial Products Ltd, we love everything about Christmas; the fireworks, the Christmas pudding, and of course what would the day be without a ham? But, it has to be said, there’s nothing more magical on those festive evenings than a Christmas tree twinkling in the corner with lights and tinsel.

 Finding one that fits your holiday design and your home is important; Navita Designs Christmas Tree Collections is here to get you started on the right track.  These inspiring Christmas tree decorating ideas will refresh your holiday look this year and bring new cheer into your home.

1 - Jingle On The Sea:

"Rock the boat with this oceanic Christmas tree, “Jingle on the sea” comes alive with splashes of turquoise and deep blue waves of ribbons reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea. Sunset oranges, golds and pinks set this nautical Caribbean Sea inspired Christmas tree ablaze. Visions of sunsets on the horizon of the tropical ocean of the Caribbean comes to mind with this beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Adorned with nautical creatures and oceanic flair."

2 - Magical Christmas:

"Soft winter winds caress this evergreen tree, forming a  ‘Magical Christmas ‘ for all to see. Frosty blues and delicate whites glisten amidst deep greens and acorn browns bringing this tree to life.  Snowy white creatures frolic  through the branches of the Magical Christmas tree and add an exciting allure to the magnificent beauty of this pure wintry scene.  Scenes of cold winter nights nestled by warm fireplaces, graces the thoughts of all when they lay eyes on this beautiful tree."

3 - Peppermint Fantasy:

"Swirly peppermint delight wraps itself around the deliciously decorated Peppermint Fantasy tree. Beautiful reds play with luminous whites and minty greens bringing a refreshing appeal to the Peppermint fantasy tree. Sweet treats are a must during this festive season and this treat is a candy lovers delight offering a feat for the eyes to satisfy the sweetest of cravings."

4 – Old English Christmas:

"Rose gold adds a touch of glamour to this frosted tipped black tree. Dark plum reds play softly amongst the darkness of this tree, while soft peachy pinks mirror the cheerfulness of Christmas. The “Old English Tree” comes together beautifully to form a majestic décor that will capture any viewers attention.  With whimsical accents hidden in the brushes of this tree, it is sure to spark up warm conversations on cold evening nights."

5 - Golden 2018:

"Chic arrangements of gold, black and white represent the newness of the coming year.  This tree is decked out in its best with accents of leopard print and silver trimmings, giving your 2018 a dose of style and charm. A fresh start is guaranteed with this beautifully white Christmas tree decorated with the best in gold musical notes, fanciful black feathers and burlesque masks. Topped with glitzy Hollywood lights and an explosion of feathers and glamour that mirrors the fireworks that break into the new year, this “Golden 2018” will be one for the books."

6 – Rustic Log:

"Woody undertones marry nostalgic noel together bringing a classical feel of Christmas to your space. With accents of red ribbons that ties this tree together perfectly and houses nocturnal owls and beautiful red holly. This “Rustic Log” Christmas tree is the perfect addition to add a natural feel to your Christmas arrangements.  A rugged approach to Christmas brings back visions of yesteryear and the true meaning of the festive occasion."

7 – Whimsical Wreath:

"Mesmerizing motions of swirl bring this captivating wreath to life. Speckled with snow white snowflakes and dusted with glitter crystals making this hanging artisan wreath sophisticated as it is charming. Icicle lights dance between winter snowflakes and frosty blue ribbons, while fairy lights wrap around this icy Whimsical Wreath"

Wherever you’re celebrating Christmas this year, let the decoration around the room and outside the window inspire you to shop a picture-perfect decorated Christmas tree from Navita Designs Christmas Tree Collection 2017.

For more info on decorations see Navita Designs Christmas Collection

Editor's note: All passages in "--" provided by Natasia Tallian.