Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Thank You For Shopping Rayneau in 2017

With Christmas now upon us and the New Year looming, RCIP Ltd Team Leader/CEO, Rayneau  Gajadhar, recently paused to reflect on the year that has been and pass on his well wishes to RCIP's loyal and valued customers 

Mr. Rayneau Gajadhar
"As 2017 draws to a close, I would like to extend best wishes for the holiday season. We celebrate this time of year in many different ways, depending on our cultures, traditions and beliefs. I hope that for all of you, it is a time for relaxing with family and friends, reflecting on our many blessings, and finding ways to help those whose lives may be less blessed.

 As is usually the case at this time of the year, we all reflect on how quickly the year has passed and it is incredible to think that we will be celebrating Christmas in a few days, and in just a week after that, 2018 will have arrived.

I think it is fair to say 2017 has been a trying year for us and I thank you for your continued support during what I can probably say was the most challenging time for me and the company.  Nonetheless, it has also been a year that has seen plenty of hard work undertaken which of course makes us all look forward to enjoying the holiday season.

On behalf of the team at RCIP Ltd, please have a safe and of course, enjoyable festive season and we look forward to seeing you again in the New Year."

Rayneau Gajadhar